Men Invincible Cologne Spray — 100ml 3.4oz – EDT – Impression by Invictus – NIB


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What is this product?

Size: 100 ml E 3.4 fl oz
Condition:Brand New In Box (NIB)
Concentration:Eau De Toilette
Compare to:Invictus Silver Cup by Paco Rabanne

  • Compare to: Invictus Silver Cup Edition
  • Long lasting parfum made by Q
  • Collectible glass bottom
  • Brand New In Box
  • Scent Compare to, but not identical to ” Invictus” of $123.00usd
  • Great Bargain to shop with us for so much Less
  • High quality long lasting essential oil made in U.K

Invincible Breathe in the refreshing scent of a tropical beach when you wear it, the inspiring men’s scent from ocean spirit. Formulated with tart grapefruit and sea water, this lively fragrance opens your senses and prepares your mind for the challenges ahead. Soothing notes of grapefruit zest, bay leaf, guaiac wood, ambergris, patchouli and sea notes.

Q Fragrance use only high quality essential oils to create their versions of your favorite fragrances. This is the reason why their versions last longer. Their fragrances are recognized as being the best alternatives to the originals .

All of our designer men cologne and women perfume are high quality made by third party manufactures with the similar great scent as original. FashionBuymeForLess is not associated with manufactures, distributors, and owners of the designer.

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Weight 0.43 kg
Dimensions 38 × 33 × 13 cm


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